Close to Nature at Expopharm

At this year’s expopharm in Munich, MC2 presented Avoxa, the German pharmacists’ media group, in a new look. “Avoxa is carried by many strong brands,” explains André Welke, Head of Marketing at Avoxa. This was also reflected in the design of the exposition stand: The many parts of the enterprise formed a trunk that supported the Avoxa logo like a tree crown. Nature was the overarching theme for the entire design. “We want to create a pleasant atmosphere that makes it easy to get into conversation,” says Head of Marketing, Sales, and Logistics Maria Scholz.


This also included the PTA Lounge by medizini, the group’s children’s magazine. Street artists Vanessa Hitzfeld and Frederike Wouters transformed the magazine’s latest educational poster about sharks into fascinating 3D art that created an amazingly realistic experience: Cat sharks and tiger sharks swimming among shimmering blue lights, a coral reef, and schools of fish transported visitors into a beautiful marine environment. An ideal place for a colorful break!

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