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Art Client's two-day event
Venue Ulm
Participants 2,100 guests

MC² was commissioned to present the Setra enterprise using the message Sign of Excellence, and at the same time to highlight, in addition to various topical subjects, a special point of emphasis: the bus culture forum ‘better on-board dining’.

Monumental brand architecture dominated the 3,000 square meters hall: brackets and rotundas spanned a large area, giving it a clear structure. Multimedia technology was used to present new and innovative technical information and to reflect Setra’s message. In generously-dimensioned adjoining areas visitors had the opportunity to savor the ‘traveling delicacies’ offered by the various bus caterers.

The future is a serious business, and if your customers reach it before you, they’ll leave you behind.
Faith Popcorn, American futurist
Please turn your phone 90 degrees.