One hundred percent.

Jens Falkenburg


Always looking far ahead, Jens is responsible for our strategic business and manages the worldwide network for you.

Timo Zohm


Timo draws upon his extensive international experience in steering the entire operative business. With an open mind and an eye for long-term developments, he’s always finding ways to add new perspectives.

Stephanie Turnsek

HR & Quality Manager

Stephanie is in charge of all quality management tasks and handles a wide range of internal processes with great skill and dedication.

Markus Rothkopf

Chief Business Development Officer

Markus is an economist, sinologist and an excellent listener and smart advisor. As an experienced strategist, his broad expertise brings a lot of added value to the table for our customers.

Anna Gura


Anna brings a fresh perspective to our live marketing team. With a Bachelor’s degree in Retail Design and boatloads of creative energy, we’re lucky to have her.

Nikolai Nengelken

Creative Director

He’s a real outside-the-box thinker who loves a good challenge and putting the customer first in creative live marketing strategies.

Boris Banozic

Creative Director

With his concept-based approach, Boris develops coherent narratives for spaces. His ideas are founded in storytelling and architecture as well as art and object design.

Felix Morgenroth

Technical Project Manager

The master carpenter is our expert interface between design and manufacturing. Felix always finds a solution for implementing even the most unusual designs.
mc2 team

Frank Peters

Senior Project Manager

For three decades Frank has been looking after many of our key customers. His experience and know-how guarantee you are in the best of hands.
mc2 team

Harun Nuri


Harun’s construction sites are always reassuringly tidy and well-organized, exactly reflecting his character.
mc2 team

Ira Mullakand

Senior Designer

Ira’s excellent focus and sharp perception, paired with a gift for interacting with others, enable her to make your ideas visible with unwavering authenticity.

Jen Pinsuvan

Senior Account & Project Manager

With his broad range of international experience, Jen always gets straight to the heart of the matter. His technical skills are second to none, and he always makes the most of that for our customers.

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Jens Johanning

Senior Account & Project Manager

Jens is not a man of ifs and buts. His clear communication, professionalism, and experience enable him to get any project where it needs to go.
mc2 team

Jörn-Uwe Schmidt

Senior Account & Project Manager

His expertise and unparalleled organizational skills master every unexpected hitch on your behalf.

Kathrin Wolters

Supplier & Quality Manager

Always in a positive mood and on equal footing as partners, Kathrin evaluates and optimizes the quality capability of our suppliers and supply chains as well as all corporate processes.

Lena Hömberg

Office Manager

As a multi-talented administrator, Lena is not only an excellent receptionist, but also heavily involved in our administrative processes. She is a true team player and continually improves processes and structures as part of our quality management team.
mc2 team

Linda Scherer

Account & Project Manager

As an event manager Linda knows how to stay calm amidst chaos. Her youthful fresh energy is contagious.
mc2 messebau team

Lothar Max

Senior Art Director

No-one is better at translating ideas into hand-drawn sketches. His talent for visualisation sets the standard.

Mario Türke

Industrial & Product Designer

As an industrial and product designer, Mario is deeply rooted in the digital three-dimensional world. He also enjoys teaching about this world as a guest lecturer at IU.

Michael Jouaux

Senior Account & Project Manager

Michael’s dynamic focus is always on the quality you expect and we demand. A world citizen driven by his hunger for knowledge.
mc2 team

Niklaas Hübner

Production Manager

The open-minded carpenter and project designer is the perfect interface between design and manufacturing.

Patrick Klaas

Office Manager

Patrick is everyone’s first port of call at the office. He is a level-headed pragmatist who can always offer the right solution and knows everything there is to know about our customers and suppliers.

Silke Beckenkamp

Senior Customer Relationship Manager

Silke masters every customer dialog thanks to her impressive communication skills and systematic approach.
mc2 messebau team

Stefan Reinertz

Logistics Manager

Thanks to years of experience he never loses his cool. Stefan keeps track of the whole picture, and makes sure everything stays on the move.

Stephan Mathias

Technical Project Manager

Thanks to his technical expertise Stephan always gets to the essence of your needs, nationally and internationally.