For us, sustainability has never just been a box to tick. It is an essential part of our corporate strategy – and we are fully committed to it. In addition to the main goal of using resources responsibly, current economic and societal changes are driving a paradigm shift. The benefits of a credible and transparent sustainability strategy with full documentation keep growing: Improve your company image as well as boosting your performance and capabilities through increased appeal as an employer. What better competitive advantage could you ask for?

2023 Sustainability Report

Certifiably sustainable.

Since 2018, we have been certified according to the energy management standard DIN EN ISO 50001:2018 as well as the quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, and getting around 50% of the electricity we use from our own solar panels. In 2021, we were able to add environmental management certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015, as well as passing an event sustainability management audit in accordance with DIN DIN 20121:2013. Since 2023, we incorporate the Guidance on Social Responsibility DIN EN ISO 26000 throughout all our processes.

Climate Neutrality.

Thanks to our carbon calculators, we can show energy consumption – on your end and ours – in terms of emissions. This improves transparency and lets us identify unavoidable emissions, which we can offset 1:1 with sustainable climate protection projects. Together with myclimate and forliance, we offer partial or full carbon compensation for your events and/or our contributions in accordance with your requirements. We already offset a significant part of our energy consumption through our implemented sustainability strategy – including our own climate protection project.

Giving you a choice.

As your partner, we offer an excellent basis for sustainable live marketing. And we don’t just say that – we take action. We can even provide fully sustainable events – certified in accordance with DIN ISO 20121:2013 – or sustainability measures tailored to the sustainability goals, core values, and product portfolio of your company.