DB Regio.

Public transport


12,562 m² plus exterior areas

Our customer Deutsche Bahn asked us to handle the overall coordination of all contractors, construction scheduling and the technical planning for #ZNV23.

This also included the special task of designing the production elements on a very tight schedule. Starting from complex ramp systems for accessibility, continuing on to stage construction and equipment for five separate presentation stages. A broad range of materials and construction styles came into play, which meant we got to really show off our full skill set.

We also produced a 32 m long train mock-up made of steel, which will also be used for other events in the future thanks to its segmented construction.

In total, the presentation covered an area of 12,562 m² with an additional 4,140 m² of logistics area. We accompanied 55 exhibitors and deployed a crew of 124 for the four-day setup phase, as well as covering numerous side events with our service team. An amazing event with truly excellent teamwork!

.. #ZNV23 was a total banger! My shoulders are sore from all the pats they’ve been receiving on everybody’s behalf! It was amazing! And it’s all thanks to you!

Philipp Kühn, Director Marketing Strategy and Communication (R.RMM)