Hennecke GROUP.

Polyurethane processing technology

K, Düsseldorf

470 m² plus 100 m² second floor

Based on 160 years of combined experience, the core brands of Hennecke GROUP build high-quality machines, plants, and systems for a broad portfolio of technology in polyurethane processing. The topic of connections was chosen as the theme for the entire stand.

Hexagons were used as a recurring visual element, representing connection, clarity, and balance throughout the architectural framework. The color scheme was predominantly white to mirror the ideas of symmetry and harmony also represented by the hexagons. Warm natural materials and carefully chosen furniture in the communication area gave the bright stand a comfortable feel that facilitated new human connections.

The overall stand was designed as a large, open space, and its polygonal structure, open ceiling and slanted vertical supports gave it a striking dynamic. Beneath the roof at the back, a service area with functional rooms spanned the entire width of the stand, supporting an upper level with several meeting areas. Long glass panels made the entire structure feel light and transparent.